Personal Diary First Page Ideas

A personal diary is an informal diary in which a person writes about his feelings, thoughts, or daily experiences.

Your personal diary describes your lifestyle and personality. Some people like to make their diaries cute while others want to learn ideas on how to decorate a Personal Diary First Page.

However, deciding what the first page of your diary would look like, is hard. But we are here to help you. Personal Diary’s Page should have a summary of your whole diary. I should be of “your type“.

1. Cute and Soft Diary Decoration Ideas

If you are a person with childish interests and you like to keep things cute and soft. You can use shades of pink for color and cute cartoon characters then you might like these ideas for your diary.


cute and soft Personal Diary First Page ideas


This first-page idea is using shades of cute pink and cartoons to pop up the theme. The sticky notes used are already cute and the washi tapes used are adding up to the style’s beauty.

2. Antique Diary

If you are a person inspired but ancient stuff and you want your diary to give antique vibes too then this first-page idea will describe your diary beautifully.

personal antique diary ideas

Inspired by old paper and old stamps, this first page of your personal diary will describe your love for ancient things. The newspaper used in it makes it look as pretty as a picture and who can forget the stains that enhance the old effect on the paper.

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3. Floral Diary

If you are admired by the beauty of nature and want your diary to show your love for nature, flowers will help you. you might love this first-page idea in a floral theme.

floral first page diary idea

This simple yet delicate style of flowers to decorate your diary’s first page will describe your happy personality. Doodling is a cute way to enhance simple things so go wild with doodling different¬†types, shapes, and colors of flowers.

4. Plants Style Diary

If you are someone obsessed with plants and plant pots and you want your diary to contain all those plants and plant pots, then this might be the best diary idea for you.

plants style diary cover

This green and the gorgeous first page are as easy as a piece of cake to make and look pretty on the first page of your diary. Just doodle some plants in pots and start coloring them in with shades of green and brown and you’ll end up with a masterpiece.

5. Rainbow and its Colors Diary Page

If you are an admirer of the spectrum that shows up in the sky when the sun and rain both come together, then you might also love to make your diary show your love for the rainbows. Even if you just like how vibrant and beautiful the colors of the rainbow are, this first-page idea will alluringly describe you.

rainbow first page diary

The watercolor strategy used in this style is as classic as the style itself. The partially blending of colors and showing a bit of the background adds up to the beauty of this first page. Clearly, the beautiful and vibrant colors of the rainbow can be described as none other than “artistic”. They are one of a kind.

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6. Books Design Diary

If you love to read books or you just love the way books lie there on the shelf and you want to make your first page show the beauty of books and how aesthetically pleasing they are to just stand and see, then this first-page design might be your new favorite.

books design cover page


This style shows some books lying on a shelf along with some other things like pens, inks, and candles that add to the lure of books. This is a simple and easy-to-make yet elegant design to decorate the first page of your personal diary. It even motivates you to read books more and more and enjoy reading them.

7. Astronomy Diary

If you are someone that has an interest in space or you like the picturesque galaxies and planets, your diary must look like space and have images of astronomy-related stuff like planets, stars, and galaxies. Here is an example.

Astronomy space first page design

The simple black background looks lovely with the charming stars and moons in golden. The tore paper style is easy on the eye and the background left white really makes the inner picture pop up and be prominent.

8. Abstract Shapes Page Diary

If you like abstract shapes that are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, then your diary will be the best place where you can put them and they’ll always look stunning. Here’s an example of one.


abstract shapes diary

The random shapes used and the divine colors that are the shapes of, are ravishing. Some other small shapes used to fill in the larger ones are hexagons, diamonds, stars, plus signs.

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9. Doodle (black and white)

If you want to keep things as simple as possible and you also like doodling, the next style of the first page is for your diary. A very simple first page that literally takes five minutes to make. The delicacy and elegance in this design is the reason why it looks astonishing.

black first page of a diary


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