Diary Entry Format CBSE

Formal diary writing format must be organized in a day, date, body, and name structure as given in the example. A diary can be written in short or long word count but for exams purpose, you must write a formal diary in hundred to one-fifty words.

What is Diary?

Diary is a book where a person writes about his personal experience, life events, or feelings. A diary can be written in any language including English and Hindi. By reading a person’s diary, we can learn the likes and dislikes of a person, his mode, personal skills, and way of life.

Format of a Diary

diary entry format


If you are a student, you must write a diary in a formal way. Typically there are 5 essential steps or points of a diary. Each point carries marks in the exams so make sure you don’t miss them.

The format is valid for class 7, class 6, class 8, class 9, and class 10 students according to CBSE quality education standards.

1. Date, Day, and Time

Date, Time, and day must be written at the beginning of the diary (left-hand side). This helps the reader understand when you wrote this diary. Date and time highlight the situation or event that occurred during writing.

2. Salutation

You need to write the salutation after the blank line or date. The Salutation includes words like ‘Dear Diary‘.

3. Diary’s body

diary’s entry paragraph or body is the main part of the diary where you must write in the first person in present perfect, past, or future. You can write this section in informal language. Use short sentences and try to use catchy words to help the readers stick until the end of the page.

4. Name

After you write the body content, please write your full name.

5. Signature

Writing a signature is usually an optional part of diary writing, but you should consider it for exam purposes.

Diary Rules

There are some basic rules on how to start a diary myself. These rules help make your diary more attractive and the reader won’t get bored.

  • Don’t include difficult words, use friendly language that everyone can understand and read easily.
  • Use short sentences to help the reader stick to the page.
  • Write in an informal tone.
  • Try to write a creative diary writing to make the topic interesting.
  • Use the first person pronouns e.g I, We, Us, etc.
  • Try to write in 100-150 words (for exams).
  • Try to cover a broad topic in a short paragraph or text.
  • Don’t forget to use the correct format (day, date, time, salutation, body, name, signature).

Diary Samples for Students

Q1. Write a diary entry about your school trip with friends.


9th February 2021

11:00 PM

Dear Diary:

Yesterday I went on a School trip with my friends. The excitement of the trip, woke me up early morning. Before breakfast, I completed all the preparation. After reaching school, I was very happy as my all friends were there. We are all thrilled about the day.

We boarded our bus with classmates and teachers. There were five different buses for all students. During the travel, our class teacher enlighten us about the art museum, which we were going to visit. Our instructor also gave the instructions and guided us on how to cope with any unfortunate incident,

After some time, we reached our destination. We start visiting the museum and exploring its beauty. There were so many historic masterpieces of art. We all get impressed with the breathtaking beauty of the museum. We have only two to three hours to explore the museum. But somehow we managed to visit all the museums.

After lunch, we also visited the amusement park and had so much fun there too. It was truly a memorable trip of my life. We also captured and save these precious moments with the camera lenses.


Q2: You attended and celebrated the birthday party of your friend. Make a diary and write about your feelings and experience of celebrating your friend’s birthday party.


11th May 2021


9:00 PM

Dear Diary,

Today, it was my friend’s birthday. We started planning about his birthday many days earlier to make this joyful moment memorable.

Yesterday, we went to the market and bought all the decoration items.  After hours of planning and hustle, we finally decorated the room with balloons and banners. We also got help from YouTube in this matter.

On the day of the event, we all reached his home early in the morning. He was already up and expecting us. We completed the remaining preparation. His father ordered a special cake for him with his name written on it.

Finally, celebrations started. Everybody gave him precious gifts and congratulated him on this special occasion. I gave him a special gift of a guitar because he is a die heart music fan. After the celebration and having so much fun, we all thanked him and left for our houses.


Q3: Make a diary entry about the Independence celebration.



February 9th, 2021

11:00 PM

Dear Diary

Today, we celebrated our independence day at school with great enthusiasm. I got up on time and checked all my preparations. After breakfast, I left for the school and reached there just in time. The celebration started with a flap uplifting ceremony. Our respected teachers and students took part in this celebration.

After the initial ceremony, the presenter invited our college principal for a speech. He revived our national spirit by highlighting the sacrifices of our soldiers and ancestors for the independence and survival of our country.

After that, our chief guest, a member of the National Assembly, motivated us to take part in the progress and success of our motherland.

We all chanted national slogans, and the ceremony ended with the national anthem. It was indeed a great day to be remembered.


Q4: Write a diary about a zoo visit.

17th of February 2022


2:00 PM

Dear Diary,

Today, I visited a zoo with my school friends. We had planned this for a long time, but all were busy with exams. So after exams, we finally decided to visit and explore the biggest zoo in our city.

We booked a cab and left for the zoo at 9 am. We were stunned and happy after seeing the variety of different animals. Monkeys were jumping on the trees, and other animals like tigers, bears, and pandas were in the cage. We also saw different varieties of birds, such as owls, storks, and owls. The crocodile growl scared me a bit but it was a fun experience. We will visit again.


Q5: Holidays Solved Example: Write a Diary for the summer holidays.



28th February 2022

12:00 PM

Dear Diary,

I had a fun time enjoying the holidays with my family. These two months were probably the best days of my life. The summer vacation camp was so amazing. We played football on the beach. I was never good at it but after playing regularly this summer, I have improved my soccer-playing skills enormously. It was a bit scary moment because I was doing it for the first time. But the trainer encouraged and guided me rightly.

Within a week, I was able to swim properly. It improved my physique. Besides that, I took French language classes. I am still in the learning process but have covered the basics. In the end, I had a memorable trip with my family. We visited the northern areas and explored the country’s beauty.



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Q1. What is the latest format of a diary according to CBSE?

Ans: According to the Central Board of Secondary Education, a diary must have these 5 points.

  • Time, Date, and day
  • Salutation
  • Diary’s body
  • Name
  • Signature

Q2. What are the advantages of diary writing as a student?

Ans: If you write a diary regularly, you will start to see the following benefits.

  • It helps improve communication skills and creative writing skills.
  • A diary helps you convert a story into your success.
  • It helps you release your frustration from your daily life.
  • A diary is known as a good friend for a student because it not only teaches you but makes you happy when you are alone and depressed.

Q3. Can I write the diary in a box? is it mandatory?

Ans: Yes, you can write the diary in a box but it is not mandatory according to the CBSE.

Q4. How many paragraphs should I use in the diary’s body?

Ans: You can use up to 3 paragraphs.

Q5. How to begin or what are the best lines for a diary?

Ans: A good writer usually includes the following words.

  • I feel good/bad/weird
  • You won’t believe
  • That was the best day of my life

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